Technical & Professional Services

(1) Accounting and Auditing works

(2)  Company Establishment

(3) Project financing

(4) Taxes

(1) Accounting and Auditing works :

We conduct our audit in accordance with International Standards on Auditing and relevant Egyptian standards and practices We plan and perform the audit to obtain an independent opinion and a reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements are free of material misstatement and give a true and fair view of the financial position of the enterprise in accordarce with international and national Auditing principles and the national laws and regluations Anany&Co has a great experience in the field of audit ، financial review and assessment ، financial analysis and designing and evaluating internal control and accounting systems of all kinds of activities and companies

(2) Company Establishment:

We have a specialized team for establishing new projects and all kinds of companies: joint ـ stock ، limited liability ، partnership limited by shares ، partnership ، limited partnership and joint venture in accordance with all national laws and regulations We are ready to establish any kind of activity: tourism ، real estate ، hotels ، agriculture ، industry ، etc We also have a great experience at combination and liquidation of companies ، trade marks register and company register in stock market

(3) Project financing:

We have a specialized team work for preparing economic feasibility studies ، project evaluation ، marketing plans ، market analysis and analytical studies of the financial statements, We are ready to help our client to obtain the necessary financing loans, Moreover, we ready to provide our client with reconciliation ، reasons of failure and setting the suitable solutions

(4) Taxes :

We can solve all tax problems, We prepare all tax returns ، including sales tax returns, Anany & Co has a great experience with tax check. We are ready to be present during tax check ، discussion sessions ، internal committee ، objection committee ، and primary and high arbitrage committee on behalf of the client Moreover, we review payroll ، social insurance and tax account in accordance with the national laws

(5) Legal Consultations :

We have specialized lawyers for legal affaires: commercial ، investment and ، tax suits. We have a great experience with raising all legal suits ، registering buildings and property and providing technical support and legal consultations

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