Membership Organizations

Professional Affiliations

our accounting and auditing policies and procedures are according to International and Egyptian Accounting and auditing standards We are :

·          Colleague and member of the Egyptian Chartered Accountants Society

·          Member of International Fiscal Association

·          Colleague of Egyptian Tax Association

·          Member of Arab Affairs Management Association

·          Member of Arab Costs Association

·          Member of General Union for Arab Accountants and Auditors

·          Member of the board of Businessmen Society in El Dkahliha

·          Colleague of Egyptian Society for Public Finance & Taxes

·         Registration agent at in Cairo & Alexandria Stock Exchanges.

·         Registration in Controllers of capital market authority.

·         Member of objection Taxation committees – Financial  Ministry.

·         Member of Arbitration committees – Justice Ministry.

·         Member of Arbitration list – Arbitration Center – Low Faculty – Ain Shams University.


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